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HCW Housings

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HCW Waterhousings “Fits like a glove, not like a box.”

HCW Waterhousings “Fits like a glove, not like a box.”

Hand Crafted Waterhousings (HCW) are hand fabricated from premium fiberglass and resins since 1999. These mechanisms are used to photograph athletes in everything from surfing, to wakeboarding, to yachting. Every piece is custom, and we can accommodate nearly all requests for video, still cameras, and flashes. Upon request, HCW can provide access to specific controls and allow the use of interchangeable lenses. Each and every housing is tested to be waterproof before shipping. Models are tested in the most extreme ocean conditions ranging from the blistering cold of the Northeast winter, to the bone-snapping power of the powerful shorebreak at the Wedge in Newport Beach, CA

For questions, pricing, and current wait time, please contact:

Chad Stickney

(949) 243-5959


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